Blue Mountain Collection

Item 8072L 2ft Briar Patch Flower Pot Bench - Unfinished - NEW 2.jpg

Decorative Items 

Item 8213L 3ft Wildwood Bench - Natural Stain.jpg

Wildwood Bench

Item 8164L 4ft Timberland Glider Bench - Cedar Stain w Items 1014 Bench Cushion & 1011 & 1

Glider Benches

Item 8240L 4ft Autumnwood Table w Items 8212L 2ft Wildwood Benches - Mushroom Stain.jpg

Autumnwood Tables


Item 8125L 5ft Timberland Bench - Unfinished w Items 1015 Cushion & 1011 & 1018 Pillows (2

Garden Benches

Dawn Gray with Cape Cod Gray Trim.jpg

Ridgemont Bench

Item 8180L Timberland Chair - Unfinished w Item 1012 Seat Cushion (2).jpg

Chair/ Glider Chair

Item 8195L Evening Grove Side Table - Cedar Stain.jpg

Side Table/ Coffee Table

Dawn Gray with Dawn Gray Trim.jpg

Ridgemont Tables

Arbors w/ Swing

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