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Cedar Assembly Instructions

2 x 4 A-Frame Swing Stand

Cedar Adirondack Chair



44 in Square Walk-In Table

End Table & Coffee Table

4 x 4 A-Frame Swing Stand

Traditional Bench

Modern Adirondack

Cedar Pergola 

8' Walk-In Table

Kids Table

Cedar Double Layer Raised Garden Bed

Backed Bench

Classic Rocker


Octagon Walk-In Table

Traditional Table

Cedar Single Layer Raised Garden Bed

Garden Bench

Porch Swing

Crossleg Table

Table With Attached Benches

Traditional Table Set

Raised Bed With Decorative Corners

Crossleg Bench

Marlboro Swingbed

Crossleg Table Set

Square Table with 4 Backed Benches

Traditional Table With 2 Backed Benches

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