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Prop 65 Information

In 1987, the state of California created the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, also known as Proposition 65, due to growing concerns of drinking water contamination by toxic chemicals.  Over time, Proposition 65 has been used to protect the state of California from any chemicals that may cause hazarders to your health. The list of toxic chemicals is updated yearly and has grown to over 1000 chemicals, since it was first published in 1987.

Proposition 65 warnings can be found in most places and on products throughout the state of California. Food (such as balsamic vinegar), jewelry, lamps, medicines, automobiles, beauty products and furniture all have many elements listed in Proposition 65.

This law is known as a “Right to know” law and is intended to notify the person of the presence of chemicals known by the state of California to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The reportable level of these chemicals is lower than a hazardous level.

All of our wooden furniture items contain traces of wood dust. Research supports health-related risks due to wood dust but finds that the amount of exposure to wood dust is directly related to the health risk (drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, substance known to the state of California to cause cancer). 

Our Hickory & Bent Oak Lines require a different warning because of the ingredients in the coatings used to finish these products. 

The Poly (HDPE) lumber our Poly furniture is built with contains no known regulated toxic or carcinogenic substances. Our Poly Furniture is constructed using Stainless Steel hardware, swing chain & hanging hooks which contains nickel, a chemical on the California Prop 65 list. 

The foam used in our pillows & cushions contains no known regulated toxic or carcinogenic substances.  Our Sundown Agora fabrics are treated with Teflon for stain & mildew resistance.  Teflon contains tetrafluoroethylene, a substance known by the state of California to cause cancer.

Proposition 65 requires the necessary warning labels on all products shipped to the state of California. A & L Furniture Co. manufactures and ships products all over the USA and in Canada. Not knowing where each product will ship to, we label each item with a Proposition 65 warning.  

Please note that we have specific warnings for each of our product lines.  You must match up the individual warning with every product that you sell. You, the retail sellers are responsible for the placement and maintenance of these warning materials, including warnings for products sold over the internet. 

You can find the written law here:

Arbors & Bridges Prop 65 Warning

Bent Oak Furniture Prop 65 Warning

Blue Mountain - Live Edge Furniture Prop 65 Warning

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Cushions, Pillows & Hammocks Prop 65 Warning

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Hickory Furniture Prop 65 Warning

Lawn Ornaments & Lighthouses Prop 65 Warning

Poly & Poly Dining Furniture Prop 65 Warning

Pressure Treated Pine Furniture  Prop 65 Warning

VersaLoft Beds  Prop 65 Warning

Yellow Pine Furniture Prop 65 Warning

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